Freshman experience college with Covid-19 precautions


Due to Covid 19, college freshmen aren’t getting the real college experience in many cases. The pandemic has changed how education and social gatherings work.

Claire Schlueter is an incoming freshman at the University of California, Riverside. She lives in a dorm with her roommate. The cafeteria is open, but there is limited seating for students. Classes didn’t start till September 28th, most of them are online. She has one class in-person, but there are less people than usual in the class, where their seats will be spread out and they will be required to wear masks. Students are able to live in the dorms or the apartments on campus. A large percentage of students are still learning virtually at home, not even leaving their home towns.

“School is like a ghost town as of right now,” Schluter said. “Usually the bars are very packed with students, but now due to Covid they’re empty, which is unusual for the campus.”

Students can’t have gatherings in the resident halls or their dorm rooms. Which Schuelter believes is making school easier now that there are no gatherings or parties, because there are no distractions. She has some friends who are staying home because they can’t focus as much and it’s harder for them. The campus has new signs around to help with face coverings, physical distancing and areas that may be closed. Facilities Services are offering free hand sanitizer to on campus employees as well. They’re taking very good cautions due to Covid and Claire feels safe there, even in a pandemic.

Christian Priestley is also a freshman in college and is attending Sam Houston University. Sam Houston has pretty much the same new policies as California Riverside. Students can choose to stay home and do school virtually. A majority of students are living on campus; so is Christian. He lives in the dorms with his roommate. His classes have already started and he has been in school for a couple of weeks. Most of his classes are online, he has two classes that are in person twice a week. The only classes in person are the labs though on the campus.

Since for some people they have no in person classes and their classes are all online, they’re just staying home because it saves money and it’s easier for some students and their families. Many students, especially new freshmen, including Christian chose to live on campus because they want to have the college freshmen experience, even with Covid in the way.

“There isn’t much to do there now that they’re not doing their usual on campus activities and gatherings, but I am still making the best use of my time there.” Priestley said.
The campus is taking many precautions such as, reducing student density on campus everyday, wearing face masks, washing their hands frequently and practicing enhanced cleaning to make all the students and staff feel safe.