ACT and SAT prep

As testing centers are reopening, most universities are unsure about whether or not to go test optional. Luckily, in this time of uncertainty, one thing is certain: that there are plenty of safe and effective ways to prepare for every standardized test under the sun. After all, according to The Princeton Review, the SAT is more about mastering the test than mastering the subjects it asks about. Not only are there convenient methods, but methods that everyone can afford. The following is a list of resources in order from most expensive, to most wallet friendly.

The Woodlands Test Prep, is an effective method for students. Through this choice, students are not only able to take practice tests but are given an inside scoop into the grading process and how to self-check for errors as a group of professionals creates a set list of skills you must improve. Students are provided with every book they need for the course. The Woodlands Test Prep program has single handedly helped boost SAT score by several hundred points and is used by a wide variety of students at the Woodlands High School.

The Woodlands Test Prep also offers one on one tutoring sessions on Zoom, and are usually about two hours long. In these two hours, students work through several sections of Official College Board or ACT books, as well as the PWN testing book series. The tutors help students focus on the areas they need the most help in, as well as further improving performance in areas the students are already comfortable in. Additionally, they offer a “Test Flight Club” where students are proctored over Zoom while you take a past SAT to get a similar experience to the real deal to help them feel more prepared when test day comes around. However, there are a few cons, as it is the most expensive and time consuming option available. Between the Test Flight Club running slightly over four hours, the several two hour tutoring sessions, and the homework assigned during the sessions, the program overall requires heaps of dedication and time on your hands. If students choose to do the private tutoring, they are looking at spending several hundred dollars.

Another resource students can use is Kaplan. Kaplan offers a variety of study courses, but one of their most popular is their “On Demand” course, which is one hundred and forty nine dollars. Kaplan additionally offers their “Self Paced ACT” preparation course for ninety nine collars. This course only takes thirty minutes out of a students day, and all the materials needed can be accessed online anytime and any day. Since the course is completely online, students can stay safe at home while continuing to pursue their academic goals. The only issue with this course is its lack of the necessary person-to-person mentorship needed with learning, and many students struggle focusing with online learning.

The most convenient resource is private tutoring sessions, as the times of working are based more around students’ schedules, and tutors can be booked hourly. The tutors are able to work at the student’s pace, and are able to offer personalized advice on which books to purchase. To make the process more streamlined, a list of approved tutors by The Woodlands High School is available on the high school’s website, offering a multitude of mentors in every subject. The best part about this option is the ease at which virtual tutoring is possible, so students can learn safely from the comfort of their homes. The cost of tutoring per hour is cheaper than that of dedicated test preparation schools; however, these small fees add up over time.

Lastly, the most affordable resource is test preparation books. They are flexible with time, as students can work at their own pace whenever they are free. Many tutors recommend the official College Board or ACT books, but there are plenty of other resourceful methods such as the Barron’s Test Prep books, which most students at the high school stated was the most effective route for him due to its range of resources such as practice tests. Furthermore, these preparation books often include sections explaining the logic behind grading, as well as why each answer choice is correct or incorrect, allowing the students to ‘self tutor’ by monitoring their work in an affordable, time friendly manner.
Ultimately, test success is based on how much time and effort students put in, and practice really does make perfect. If students with lots of time to spare on testing and are aiming for schools with high test averages, The Woodlands Test Prep is perfect, but if you are looking for an affordable, time flexible method with a variety of delivery modes, stick to the books.