Arkansas visit during COVID-19

Arkansas visit during COVID-19

I recently flew out to Arkansas to visit my brother, and tour the University of Arkansas while I was there.

The tour began with a little presentation about the college, before transitioning and then we moved onto the walking part of the tour. During the walking part of the tour, we wore masks the entire time, as did everyone on campus and the tour guide. They were very strict about masks, trying to prevent more cases of Covid-19 in the students and workers on campus.

Another reason they were strict on masks was because authorities would walk around and reprimand the tour guides if we weren’t wearing our masks.

While still on the tour, I noticed we were never taken into the buildings to see the inside. I asked the tour guide and she said because of Covid-19 they aren’t allowed to take us inside any buildings to prevent the spread of germs and to try, and the university only allows students to enter the buildings so it’s not as busy and contaminated. The tour guide added that if we want to do it in our free time without the tour guide, we would be allowed to, but she was not allowed to take us inside.

After the tour, my friends and family wanted to go see all of the fraternity and sorority houses. Walking by all the houses was so cool because all the houses were so big, but so quiet. Nobody on campus was allowed to have any parties at the fraternity houses due to Covid-19.

The University of Arkansas has been doing a really good job with making sure everyone is safe and protected from Covid-19 by enforcing masks and having hand sanitizer around campus. Overall, I think that the University of Arkansas has a really beautiful campus- and they are doing a great job at keeping people socially distanced.