Woeful wi-fi


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As a student going to The Woodlands High School for the past three years, there have been a few things I have noticed going on here, but nothing has peeved me more in this school than the fact that the wifi is absolutely terrible.

Now I get it, since multiple people are on school wifi it would make sense for it to be really slow. However, when you turn to data things just get worse.

Not only do things not load, but messages also do not send. For instance, my mother was trying to send a message about something important. I wasn’t able to read it until hours later since the school is a complete dead spot.

I cannot be the only one whose data suddenly comes to a halt when I get on an app that I enjoy using. Even when talking to teachers, they tell me how they try to use a personal hotspot and that doesn’t work for them.

It’s frustrating because we pay for data so that we won’t always need to use wifi. When we get to the school, none of that matters anymore because everything stops working anyways.

There have been some rumors about a data blocker in the school that has been put in place to keep students off their phones. Even then, if teachers want students off of their phones they could just take up the phones.

Taking away our data does not change the fact that we will get off our phones. I usually keep my phone on until the thing I’m trying to reach loads, and even if I do end up getting off my phone because my data isn’t working, I can’t focus on the class because I’m too busy thinking about whether or not my phone data is working. If anything, it’s more of a distraction than a helper.

Now whether it be a rumored data blocker that is creating these dead spots or just coincidental, we need to do better. I understand that teachers do not want kids on their phones but this is 2021 and technology is a very real thing.