Auditorium seats need replacing

The TWHS auditorium is used by many for activities such as school assemblies, theater productions, teacher in-service meetings, concerts, etc. The seats are filled at these events, but the seats are not of the best quality after decades of constant use.

These seats in the auditorium need to be replaced.

The seats are 23 years old, and have not been replaced since the auditorium was built. The seats are noisy after years of use, and are a distraction to performers and speakers alike.

The seats are uncomfortable for attendees because the material is worn. The seats have had much wear and tear causing the degradation of the seat material. The seats are also very cramped and close together. As the school enrollment and faculty population has increased, use of the auditorium has increased filling the seats frequently.

Names and inscriptions are placed on placards on the seats for a fundraiser for the theater department. Seats could be replaced with these funds. Seat renovation could also be a goal of a fundraiser.

Some people may say that there is a funding issue with this proposal, but a fundraiser could be done to raise funds to replace the seats. Students and faculty members should suggest this renovation of the auditorium.