TWHS blood drive successful


Mallory Suess

Junior Ryder Brady has his blood drawn in the front foyer on Feb. 1 by MD Anderson staff.

The Woodlands High School HOSA hosted a blood drive for MD Anderson in the foyer for students, faculty and community members on Feb. 1.

Students were able to donate blood and receive five excused tardies and receive a free t-shirt in addition to many snacks. For some students, it was their first chance to donate blood. The screening process was the first step, and after some questions, the iron screening was next.

“I was nervous about passing the screening but my mom made a big breakfast, junior Cami Peterson said. Peterson’s mom joined her for breakfast and the donation process.

Students who were able to donate enjoyed the process.

“I felt really good because it’s not something you can do everyday and it gives somebody the opportunity to keep living,” senior Santiago Gotera said.

Many HOSA volunteers spent their day helping check people into the drive and walking donors back to their classes.

Health Science teacher Pamela Padgett coordinated meetings leading up to the drive with both MD Anderson and the student volunteers.

“MD Anderson has some of the best phlebotomists in the country,” Padgett said, “Some people say they are so good it doesn’t even leave a mark!”

The Woodlands High School had 155 pints of blood donated, which is able to impact 465 people who are in need of blood or blood products.