TWHS installs fencing around portables


Laura Landsbaum

Fences were installed in many locations around the building this summer. This gate encloses the portables at the rear of the school.

TWHS installed a safety security fence outside around the portables over the summer.

The state of Texas made a new law requiring public schools to install safety measures such as these fences. “The district installed it [the security fence] in compliance with state law,” Associate Principal Dennis Muehsler said.

The fence stops faculty and students from being able to walk in or out of the parking lot connected to the courtyard through the breezeway.

“It makes people feel safer,” Muehsler said.

Not only has The Woodlands High School installed this fence, but other safety measures have been put into place. Classroom doors are now locked during instructional hours.

“All exterior doors remain locked during the school day,” Muehsler said, “Students may have to start wearing ID’s as well.” Muehsler said. In previous years certain doors have been unlocked.