“HSM” while we are All in This Together..

High School Musical takes a look at the one experience every teenager has in common: true,
undying, never-ending, eternal love, and I would argue that this is the greatest work of cinema in the
known universe.
This movie weaves the tale of two star-crossed lovers, two lovers ultimately fated to be stars.
Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), a young and promising basketball star, meets nerd-chic vacationer Gabriella
Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) at a resort karaoke party. A twist of fate leads to Gabriella meeting Troy
again when they discover she is a new student at Troy’s high school. As they learn more about themselves
and each other, villainous twins and friends with questionable motives do everything in their power to
prevent Troy and Gabriella from participating in their school play.
The movie’s goal is to both break and embrace stereotypes. An entire musical number (“Stick To
The Status Quo”) revolves around students feeling inspired enough by Troy and Gabriella’s theater
involvement to reveal their own passions. However, archetypical preppy villains Sharpay (Ashley
Tisdale) and Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), as well as friends like basketball lovers Chad (Corbin Bleu) and Zeke
(Chris Warren) or nerd Taylor (Monique Coleman), serve as foils to the protagonists. These additions
only better make the point that independent thought should be valued above social norms.
The film’s camerawork is much like that of any other Disney original of its period, in that the
shots are perfectly captured both during scenes of intense drama and well-choreographed (Danny Ortega, who also choreographed the timeless “Newsies”) musical numbers. Sound quality in High School Musical
is stunning; even the most practiced listeners can hardly tell the male lead didn’t even sing his own songs.
The soundtrack is the best music made since cavemen learned to drum on rocks. Absolute
masterpieces like “We’re All in This Together” and “Get’cha Head in the Game” help tie together the
nostalgic feeling this classic brings.
High School Musical is a celebration of individuality and the excitement and disappointment high
school brings. No greater movie has been or will be made.  Streaming on Disney + platform.