“Parasite” now streaming on Hulu

Portia Custodio, Writer

The world renowned film “Parasite” is now streaming at Hulu. This tragicomedy movie had garnered everyone’s attention, an international box-office hit that won countless of awards including Oscar’s Best Picture that marked history as the first foreign language film to do so. With the brilliant writing and the breathtaking cinematography there is no doubt on why it was critically acclaimed and highly talked about.
The movie is centered on two families from the opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum; The Kim family who lived in a basement apartment and assembles pizza boxes to make ends meet unlike the Park family who lives in a modern home and living their best life.
The movie starts somewhat similar to “Oceans 8” at first it was more of a comedic film but it got darker as the movie progressed pulling me into a world of genre I never knew existed. The Kim family devised and successfully did a plan to replace the Parks’ helpers role moving up to the social class but all went downhill after an unexpected situation.
The cinematography played a big role in the film. It shaped the story by using it as a way to emphasize the social structure or specific moments. The free flowing shots used in scenes in the modern house shows the size of the space representing the great lifestyle of the Park family while simpler more locked down shots were used in the Kim’s basement apartment emphasizing
their poor lifestyle.
Parasite is a masterpiece with a brilliant yet somewhat controversial story. Bong Joon- Ho’s choice of camera shots each served a purpose and has a clear intention as well as the set of the film rather than just visuals. There is no wonder why it won countless prestigious awards and I wouldn’t be shocked if it would become a classic.