TWHS adds accelerated French class

TWHS adds accelerated French class

An innovative, accelerated French class designed for Spanish speakers, or for students with a foundation in a Romance language will be offered at TWHS for 2020-2021. Students will earn two years of credit for the class.

Terri Whiteman, Department Chair for Foreign Language at TWHS, will write the curriculum and teach the class. Whiteman was previously part of team that helped create a Spanish class for native speakers to meet the needs of the student population.
“This class will eliminate parts of French 1 and 2 that are superfluous and will combine two years of French (French 1 and 2) into one year,” Whiteman said. “This class relies on the fact that Romance languages share a multitude of cognates and structures.”

Whiteman said these classes would not have been possible without the supportive leadership in place at TWHS.

“I’m grateful to work in a district where leaders listen to teacher feedback and allow flexibility and innovation to benefit all students,” Whiteman said. Whiteman has been at TWHS for 21 years.

If you are interested in this class, complete this google form or email Whiteman at [email protected]

Scan this QR code to go to the Google doc for interested students.