Sept 8 construction update

Labor Day weekend rains didn’t stop the construction on the new wing at TWHS.

Students returning to the Woodlands High School might be surprised by bright blue tarps lining the band lot, shielding prying eyes from the construction of a new wing. This new 3-story section was a part of a $11 million dollar project approved by the school board. Their reasoning behind the grant was to ensure “permanence of equitable facilities for students,” associate principal Paul Leblanc said..

Students should expect a bit of noise coming from the construction zone, however the only classes that will have to worry about the noises are within the North East wing. Other than temporarily reduced parking, there are very few issues that students and teachers will face during the construction period.

The results should bring new classrooms and technology. These new classrooms will include a brand new AV Room, a Culinary Lab, and other assorted classes that have not yet been selected. For students taking AV, they should expect a larger room to work in and a few more green screens. For the students taking culinary arts, they should expect a brand new lab with much better cooking equipment. Seniors will not see the completion of the wing, as its estimated end date is in late 2021.