Robotics Club builds hands-free hand sanitizers


Sarah Rodee

Sanitizers were delivered to classrooms after teachers signed up to receive one.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Robotics Club chose to make hands-free hand sanitizers for the school classrooms in order to help everyone stay safe and clean.

“We are always looking for outreach projects that will allow us to use our engineering and technology skills,” Robotics teacher Lauren Hamel said.

The models they created were made out of PVC pipes and the design of the dispenser was created by Scott Rippetoe, a retired College Park teacher and the lead mentor of the Texas Torque Team, a team of high school students passionate about robotics.

“The most difficult part of creating the dispensers was practicing the safety precautions while still remaining in a group,” club president senior Stone Meng said.

The Robotics team has made 100 dispensers and they make up to 40 more throughout the rest of the year. The first twenty were paid for by the Robotics team themselves but because of their rise in demand, Dr. Landry gave the team a grant to make 80 more.

“The best part of the experience has been knowing that our hand work will be used for a great cause and that the community appreciates our product,” Meng said.