TWHS upgrades welding area, equipment


The plasma table is state of the art. Students use it to cut sheet metal.

The welding classroom received new machinery and renovated the exterior side of the school with a canopy for students to work outside.

These upgrades happened over the summer.

A new outdoor canopy, complete with overhead lighting, allows students to work outside. (Eleanor Brandimarte)

“Getting these new machines is very important for the future of students who want to be welders,” welding teacher Chase Leblanc said. “These upgrades are also nice because students get to work outside now.”

Leblanc is hoping that more students decide to take welding.

“Ag mech is one of the most beneficial classes you can take because it teaches you practical hands-on skills,” Leblanc said.

Students are looking forward to using this new equipment.

The new Miller Multinetic 215 machine that allows students to weld metal.

“I am very excited about the new shop renovations and equipment because I know it will provide me with endless opportunities this year,” junior Garrett Coleman said.