A horrifying guide to 2021’s Haunted Trails


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Safe, scary fun starts Oct. 8 at Bear Branch, 5200 Research Forest Drive. Eight nights of spooks for 2021.

The year 2021 has been a constant state of worry and fear. A phobia has become reality with the continuation of the covid-19 pandemic. However, Halloween is just around the corner, hopefully bringing a thrilling fright that will leave spook enthusiasts satisfied.

This year’s Haunted Trails will begin October 8th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm and will continue every Friday and Saturday at the same time throughout the spooky season (ends October 30th). No need to be afraid of high prices, this year’s tickets will cost a reasonable price of $20. Although, make sure to purchase your tickets 24-hours before going or else you’ll be in tears of terror; pre-registration is required.

The Woods Haunted Trails is a place to be alarmed in an entertaining and amusing way, not in a Covid-19 way.

“The first priority for The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department is to ensure safety for all who participate in our programs and events,” director Tyler Little said about precautions taken.

Thus, sanitizers will be available at multiple access points and additional safety methods will be inputted in preparation areas. Other precautions involved preparing for large groups of people entering the event, will be Fast Pass, MCSO, and General Admission. Descriptions of each option are below, according to The Woodlands Township website:

1. Fast Pass – To limit the general admission line each night patrons are offered the opportunity to pre-purchase Fast Pass tickets. This feature will help ensure less wait time for patrons. Fast Pass holders are guaranteed parking spots which also enhances their experience with the Haunted Trails. These are on sale now at http://www.thehauntedtrails.com/tickets.html

We would love to have TWHS students come out and see if they can make it through The Woods.

— Tyler Little

2. MCSO – Because of the size of the event, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will be on site. On a typical night there will be between 4-6 officers staged throughout the park to ensure the safety of our patrons, volunteers, and staff.

3. General Admission – This event continues to grow each and every year. The team is committed to ensuring that all of our patrons have a quality experience within our parks. This year the team will allow patrons to come to the Recreation Center and pre-purchase their general admission tickets. This will allow patrons to be able to skip the ticket line and advance to the trail entrance where line entertainment will be offered before they enter “The Woods”.

Aside from the new safety precautions being taken, there will also be new themes; one being “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

“I am sure most people have heard about Ichabod Crane’s famous fictional late night ride through the forest and battling with The Headless Horseman”, Little said, “Let’s just say our patrons will need to escape this area of the trail before The Headless Horseman arrives.”

Another new addition to the trail will be another tenth of a mile making the trail a total half mile long. Little and the haunted trails team is excited they can extend the fun for a little longer. For Little and the team, making a unique tunnel, maze, and trail for patrons is their main goal.

“Our team always wants to add something different and unique that everyone will enjoy or be scared by,” Little said.

Little himself is a spook enthusiast and enjoys horror.

“I am a fan of any of the classic horror films specifically directed by Alfred Hitchcock, ” Little says, “those are timeless in my opinion.” It can safely be inferred that Tyler Little is a true fellow spook enthusiast. Little and his hardworking team enjoy creating comically horrifying themes each year and invite everyone to join them October 8th.