Dutch Bros opens Spring location


Courtesy photo

Dutch Bros has a line of holiday drinks in addition to the regular offerings.

Dutch Bros is a drive thru coffee chain in the United States. It originated in Oregon and made its way down to the south. There is a new location in Spring Cypress which opened in late September. My mom and I went soon after their opening. It was busy and many cars were in the drive thru.

The employees were very informative and helped us with any questions my mom and I had. They told us their signature drinks and gave us ideas on what to try. They were outside taking orders and were very energetic with positive attitudes. It made the experience even better.

We wanted to try different varieties because it was our first time. First, we got an iced caramelizer which is a cold latte that has caramel and mocha drizzle throughout topped with whip cream. It was creamy and had such a rich flavor. It tasted like a dessert and was super delicious.

The second item we tried was a blue Red Bull energy drink. I got an iced aftershock which is a red bull drink with strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime flavoring. It was very sweet and you could taste each flavor throughout. I was very pleased with the whole experience whether it comes to the service or the drinks. I recommend anyone going who enjoys tasty drinks. I promise you won’t be disappointed!