Wisdom Vegan Cafe has wide variety of choices


Courtesy of Wisdom Vegan Cafe

The garden burger is $14.75, and is a plant based lentil patty on a brioche bun with arugula, avocado, tomato, onion, pickles and BBQ.

Lily Franchville, Writer

Whether on a plant-based diet or not, Wisdom Vegan Bakery and Cafe is a delicious and charming bakery that anyone could enjoy. I recently tried five of their items (all of which are vegan): Philly Cheese “Steak”, BBQ Pulled Sandwich, Cheesy Truffle Burger, Spicy Chick’n Sandwich, and one of their Fudgy Brownies.

First, I tried the Philly Cheese “Steak”($14) It looked promising; the item consisted of soy beef, onions, sweet peppers, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo all assembled on a hoagie bun. After my first taste, I was taken aback. The sandwich had an excellent sweet, beefy taste I did not realize I missed for the last few years as a vegetarian.

Next, I tried a bite of the BBQ Pulled Sandwich ($13) It was made of jackfruit and mushrooms, and put ontop of a brioche bun with coleslaw. Before I stopped eating meat, I never was a fan of sloppy joes and pulled pork, so I did not expect to particularly enjoy the sandwich. As I anticipated, the sandwich was fine. It had an especially sweet Barbeque tang, one I do not usually enjoy. However, those who like Barbeque-flavored foods will probably enjoy this item.

Last of the entrees was the Spicy Chick’n Sandwich ($13.90). In all of my visits prior to this one, I always ordered this item. It was made from seitan(made from wheat and gluten), lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayo on a brioche bun. As always, the sandwich tasted spectacular. The spicy mayo on top seitan patty has an addictive taste I constantly crave. After I finish my share of the sandwich, I was left wishing I ordered one more.

Lastly, I split the fudge brownie into thirds for my friends and I to share, and we indulged in our cut. The full recipe does not seem to be accessible online, but a few ingredients include coconut, wheat, almonds, and walnuts. As I bit into the treat, I immediately noticed its heavy and thick texture. It had a hint of a sweet cherry flavor and was incredibly rich. I would definitely recommend the brownie to anyone striving to satisfy their sweet-tooth.

Wisdom is a cafe whose food I hold very close to my heart (and stomach). Not only would I recommend it to vegans and vegetarians but also those simply looking for a delicious lunch.

They are open Tuesday-Sunday.  It’s at 25192 I-45 Suite 103, in Spring.