North Italia a delicious addition to The Waterway


Lucia Manrique

North took the place of Brio in the Mall area, just off the Waterway.

Everyone around The Woodlands has been buzzing about the “phenomenal” new restaurant, North Italia so I knew I needed to give it a try. This beautiful new restaurant on The Waterway captured my attention when we arrived, the ambiance of this restaurant was breathtaking. We were greeted at the door by a waitress opening the door for us, they were so welcoming into their restaurant and were able to sit us right down

A warm, welcoming atmosphere at North, with a full bar and inside seating. (Lucia Manrique)

Me and four other of my friends went at an earlier time, around four in the afternoon because we had heard that North Italia books up quickly. Walking to our seats they had an open window into the kitchen and we got to see the chefs making all of the fresh pasta, that is when I knew I needed to order a pasta dish! When we first sat down we were in awe over the menu, so many different unique choices that you wouldn’t be able to find at other places.

I ordered the Burrata, Grilled Bread, and good Olive Oil and Bolognese pasta. The Burrata ($14)was outstanding with such different yet amazing flavors, like, apple, roasted butternut squash, and hazelnut. The Burrata tasted so fresh and when we cut it open it all came pouring out of the center, and with all of the other flavors, it was mouthwatering. It was nothing like I have ever tried before, it was delicious.

Lucia Manrique

As our second appetizer, we got the Grilled Bread and good Olive Oil,($6) this was a very standard appetizer to get at an Italian restaurant yet they still elevated it and made it their own, it was amazing.

Finally, I got the Bolognese pasta ($22) this was by far my favorite part of my meal, the meat sauce over the handmade pasta was phenomenal. I would definitely order this again. The price of this restaurant is very reasonable for such a pretty atmosphere and quality of food. I had the best first experience at this restaurant and will definitely be back again shortly!