TWHS introduces breakfast plan

In a world where physical and emotional health is valued more than ever, schools across the country are adjusting  their ways, meeting the needs of students that may have otherwise not been met before.This year, school officials have implemented  a plan that will oversee the serving of breakfast. According to the official school site, prices are set at $1.35, and students who qualify for free lunches will automatically apply for said breakfast plan. 

Many students who’ve already given this new plan a try are seeing its effects on their lives. Junior Arjan Dhamija  believes that “the prices are reasonable and are set at an acceptable range where a majority of the kids in the school can afford it and not be concerned about affordability”.

Similarly, Junior Brayden Phelps, Junior, said that he “feels inherently safer knowing that I can rely on the school when I am unable to eat a quick meal at home”.

Faculty members are also pleased with the new offerings.

 “Since school buses come so early, some students may not have had a chance to eat, so I’m glad they’ll have a chance to get something before their day starts,” teacher Laura Landsbaum said.  “ I know how distracted I am when I am hungry, so breakfast is great for students and learning.”

The cafeteria staff is adjusting to the new offerings as well. “It is definitely building up, but at the moment, we don’t have many customers. It depends on the day and what’s being served that day.”

Breakfast is served every morning at 6:45 in the cafeteria.