Spiderman: No Way Home a Marvel

Spider Man has been in the lives of generations and generations. Throughout time he has inspired many fans to have a strong character and understand their responsibilities. The Marvel Cinematic Universe had it last peak in the Avengers: Endgame. After that movie fans and critiques never thought marvel would make something that would surpass that last movie, but what ended up happening was the newest MCU movie was released Friday, January 17. The difference is that this time they brought the hype all back and made an incredible, spectacular and amazing movie. Here it is: the Spiderman No Way Home Review.

The movie starts right after the post-credit scene from Far From Home showing that Peter Parker’s life wouldn’t be the same ever again because his identity was exposed to everyone, but the key to understand why this is a problem is to remember that mysterio made Peter Parker become a villain. So now people know who Spiderman is and that he supposedly is a bad guy.

From the beginning to the end of this movie I noticed that they have a very good rhythm, so they made a really long movie of two and a half hours turn into a really fast movie. The movie never let us down. It is truly the best experience you will ever get to watch in the cinemas as a fan. The main character is really well developed, you understand his motivations and the way the characters interpret many things are really well done.

The best thing about this movie is of course the fact of being a Spider-man movie. They took really good care of the things that happen on not only the universe of marvel, but also the things that happened on the last movies of Spiderman. They respected the characters and the essence of how spiderman has to know and be knowledgeable of how many responsibilities he has.

This movie has moments that will make the fans emotional, sad, excited, and all of it is in great measures. The characters, even the ones that show up quickly on the movie, give an appearance that they were genius in keeping the essence of all of them.

I will say this and probably eat my own words in a few months, but I don’t think Marvel will be able to make a movie just like that again.

Now getting out a little bit about the movie and talking about Spiderman as a character from the comics, it is understandable why so many people get inspired by him. He is a high school student that’s not that strong and has many problems. The spider was the sparkle in his life, but Peter Parker and Spiderman are very different. He has personal and superhero problems which makes him a complete character that makes anyone that is starting to get into comics fall in love with him. The magic of Spiderman is not him having powers or whatever, the magic of it is him being as human as he can be.

Any skinny boy in high school has already seen himself on the body of spiderman expecting at some point to be as good as he is, and this is how Marvel makes us believe in the inspiration of characters that look like us.